Becoming an Eco Warrior Princess!

Yesterday I wrote about how I tried to live a greener life in the bright lights of the city.

Today I want to elaborate on how I continue to live a green life out in the country.

So what do I do? Jack Johnson said it best with his song about the 3 R’s but this is basically the rule of thumb where we live – we Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!


My 'minimalist' wardrobe

Our place (actually, our shed) is run purely on solar power thanks to 4 well placed solar panels on the roof of our container. But when the sun goes down, we are forced to think ahead about our energy consumption and reduce our usage so that we can at least refrigerate our frozen goods!

Living this very basic life, I have also become Miss Minimalist and reduced my usage of the hair dryer and hair straightener (bye bye GHD) and my current wardrobe could be considered bare with just the few essential items  (mainly work clothes) and a handful of dresses and casual clothes that would take up only 1/30th of my last wardrobe!


I also use and re-use those green Enviro Bags (courtesy of Woolworths). Not only do they help to reduce the amount of plastic bags that plague this planet but they are so much sturdier than the plastic bags. We have about 10 of them (not sure how that happened) but here’s a tip that I forget every now and then. To make this work, you have to remember to take one with you! Often the only time a plastic bag pops up in my life is when I’ve forgotten to take the Enviro Bags with me! Tsk Tsk.


And yes, even out here in the country despite our efforts to reduce human consumption, we still recycle because we still purchase milk, beer, wine and other boxed goods! Even in the country there is no hiding from a bottle! We have a bin kept aside for all our recyclables and although our food scraps aren’t recyclable, we keep it aside for compost or offer it to our hen Dodo who will eat just about anything.

So there you have it. A concise list on ways to reduce your carbon footprint on this planet. Now if only someone could help me with finding a more sustainable way to get to and from work each day (50 kilometres round trip) where this is no reliable transport and without having to purchase a Toyota Prius or sweating it out on a push bike.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have an answer to this riddle 🙂


About jennifernini

JENNIFER NINI is the blogger/editor of Eco Warrior Princess, an eco fashion blog that raises awareness of the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry whilst promoting ethical and sustainable fashion to the masses. She is a member of the Ethical Fashion Network; the Secretary of the Rose City Writers Group (QLD) and a proud independent fashion blogger. Her blog has also been featured several times in EcoPressed. Having moved from Melbourne to a small rural town, Nini leads by example and currently enjoys a sustainable lifestyle that is completely off-the-grid and self sufficient. Her eco fashion blog "Eco Warrior Princess" can be found at
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2 Responses to Becoming an Eco Warrior Princess!

  1. Michelle Michelin-Law says:

    Re: reduce travel footprint. Planting 20 large native trees per year is enough to cover your use of a small 4 cyl car. Plant your place, your neighbours, the local school, the council areas-footpaths parks- ask permission. Advertise for a local group to get together on World Tree Planting Day and put in a dozen trees each.
    People like us generally hide out in the country so you need to seek out a like minded “neighbour” who commutes to work each day at similar times so you can carpoole.
    good luck. Cheers, Michelle

    • jennifernini says:

      Thanks so much Mich for the tips!! I did approach one of my neighbours as he also works in Warwick but as a real estate agent he is not as reliable as he never knows when he will need to zip down to the other side of town to open a house for a prospective client and he also starts work later and finishes earlier than me — p.s. you still in Leyburn or still planning to pack up and move??

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