I welcome every opportunity to connect, network and share ideas on how to make this world a better place.

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c) interested in hiring me on a freelance basis

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7 Responses to Contact

  1. follow Earth Wear Eco Fashions on Facebook
    adminstrated by my mate: Judy Chant, another woman you’d love to meet, be facinated by stories of life as a chef living in the Tassie forrest cooking for BOB BROWN no less. I will have to organise a Dec drinks at the shop to bring all the lovely people of Warwick toghther. Are you around for Boxing Day Races? I’ll dress you & Ben if he’s into it, The race day is second only to rodeo on Warwick social calendar ….. apparently!

  2. jennifernini says:

    Yes Bob Brown, I had an opportunity to meet him when he was in Melbourne for a pre-rally campaign in Richmond, so disappointed I wasn’t able to get there! I’m not sure if we will be around for Boxing Day races – we might be in Brissy spending time with Ben’s family but if not, count us in! p.s. I have jumped onto Facebook but you probably would have noticed that already 🙂

  3. Sunny Thomas says:

    Hi Jenni,
    It is nice to go through your blogs. Awesome.
    I also do a simple blog. Kindly go through at
    I hope you can help me a lot here.
    stay in touch

    • jennifernini says:

      Hi Sunny, I’ve read some of your blog posts and I see we are kindred souls in much of what we believe although you have a more scientific way of communicating the information that I do!

      It is obvious that you are proud of your heritage and culture – is your blog based purely on the social and environmental issues that face your country?

      Also I am relatively new to blogging, doing it for about 8 months or so and have created (yes I did most of the configuration on CSS using one of the WordPress Themes) a new website – feel free to let me know what you think and subscribe if you want me to keep you posted!

      Sending lots of positive energy from the land down under,

      Eco Warrior Princess

  4. Ivan says:

    Jennifer, remember: it is not only the outer space, the environment we live in, that is important. It is the ‘inner space’, between the ears, and in the heart, and the six senses, the fingertips, that make our lives ‘meaningful’. I do not know what that bloke, Benji, did to snare your heart. You should put his picture somewhere in the blog, as he seems to be a big part of your journey. Do not keep him outside the picture. Do read the intro in red print in my blog/website: The online resources are state-of-the-art, and took more than 5 years to put together. It is 25 years of theoretical work, and workshops given, etc.. I made an effort to keep it succinct, so that it is useful and not just bibliographical. For starters, do check the website and (click on ‘Practices’ on the top bar – simple stuff by the Venerable Buddhist monk from Vietnam). Do read Herman Hesse’s ‘Siddhartha’ (which is online and in the website list – it is a small little book, about pleasure, pain, and self-denial.)
    – Ivan D. (in Ottawa, Canada).

  5. Ivan says:

    Incidently, you should read Herman Hesse’s ‘Siddhartha’ with Benji, 15 pages each night before going to bed. Should be finished in a week. A really good movie was done some years ago, same name, and you may find it in the video store. I went to Jesuit boarding school from age 7. They do teach ‘self-denial’, but Catholicism does not have much in the area of philosophy explaining ‘pleasure’ and putting it in context as a good thing and a gift. Kim Phuc, ‘the girl in the picture’, who was napalmed as a little girl in Vietnam, lives not far from me. She was burned on her whole body except her hands and face, so traditional Vietnamese clothing hides everything. She is married with two kids, converted to Catholicism at age 19 in Vietnam. Check the Kim Phuc Foundation. She is UNESCO Ambassador for Peace, and builds school in Uganda, Africa. I had a very good friend from Australia at university, U. of Canberra. He went back to manage his parents farm, a big one. Good luck in your journey in life. It is short.
    – Ivan D.

  6. Chris Ripps says:

    Looking forward to more posts by you. Hit me up and we can exchange ideas on sustainability.
    Chris Ripps, Author of Building Sustainable Lifestyles blog. @ChrisRipps on Twitter.

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