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Becoming an Eco Warrior Princess!

Yesterday I wrote about how I tried to live a greener life in the bright lights of the city. Today I want to elaborate on how I continue to live a green life out in the country. So what do … Continue reading

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A Survival Guide to Living off the Grid

If you’re a city girl, like me, and moving to a rural setting and want to live off the grid, here’s some advice that might make your transition easier: 1. Get a mosquito net for your bedroom and hang it … Continue reading

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The Carnage

Yesterday I witnessed some of my work friends get fired. They were on contract. Temp staff. Like me. And they were dispensable. Some had been there five months. Others only three. They knew that they were on a temp assignment … Continue reading

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The human cost of the Fashion Industry

The environmental and social impact of the Fashion Industry. (Thankyou EcoAsia) An eye-opening and informative piece for those of you who are concerned like I am. Think Nike (I agree with Oxfam on this one, Just STOP it). Think child … Continue reading

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First Impressions

I didn’t fall into recruitment like many other people I’ve encountered. Many of my counterparts have come from traditional sales backgrounds. I actually made a decision to move into the industry after working in the consumer finance industry. After an … Continue reading

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Up yours, Powercor

http://www.the-advocate.com.au/news/local/news/general/…/1858721.aspx Continue reading

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